Covid19 Post Pandemic Climate Change Calamity

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Post Pandemic Climate Change Calamity

We have forgotten climate change because of current virus outbreak. But as corona virus is real, so is global warming, issue of deforestation, glacier melting, scarce rainfall and water drought. Our resources weren’t sufficient to support entire countries for a month! Will we survive fire balls from above and tsunamis from below?

I recall my mother saying; “In my childhood when days used to get hot, a heavy rain would fall and suppress the blazing hot weather for days. Especially in summers, if one day was sunny we would be sure that next day would be airy and rainy.”

As days today pass on, this June is heating up as well. I even know some friends who have already begun to use air conditioners at home. Hence, this strikes me to think about climate change and multiplying risk of natural disasters waiting for us after Corona virus pandemic. We don’t have a breath to waste!


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Deforestation is a contributing factor of climate change. It can easily be linked to exponential increase in human population. I don’t understand why are we bringing children in a world where air, food and water are impure and already scarce in different landmarks. It is us who cut trees for businesses, illegal land occupations and lavish housing schemes. But has man ever stopped and pondered over the kind of imbalance he himself is creating at the expense of nature? What man made future are we foreseeing for them? That nature which no man can successfully formulate!

Why must vegetation be confined to our hilly areas? Plants and trees are a necessity. The following data shows how plants affect our lives and the kind of dependency we have upon them.


Plants play vital role in the fabrication of medicines e.g. dioxin for heart failure, ergot for migraine, Proserpine for blood pressure etc. Oxygen is supplied to human beings by plants. They give off oxygen that supports our lungs to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.


Moreover, trees remarkably hold the Earth sturdy and cause rainfall. As we are sentient with the fact that more trees cause heavy rainfall and as an outcome our environment gets rejuvenated, for this reason unnecessary deforestation should be shunned.


Aloevera plant and gel
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Apart from these applications, yet another essential key task of some plants is to secure human beings from natural trouble. For example, Basil plant is said to give off rays which do not let dengue mosquitoes come near the surrounded place. Moreover, aloevera plant gives a smooth gel which is beneficial for ones’ healthy skin.


One young healthy tree, according to the International Society of Arboriculture, has a net cooling effect comparable to ten room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day. Other industry statistics designate the proper use and placement of trees can minor heating. Years of planning and implementation can help us prevent dangerous climate change outcomes.


In cities and towns, there is increase in gaseous pollution like carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO) as well as sulfur dioxide (SO2). This is owed to automobiles and factories tumbling the healthy oxygen ratio of air. Therefore, growing plants on the road side, parks etc. help play down the gaseous pollution. Even growing plants in offices, residential areas, education institutes etc. is advantageous. For this low maintenance plants like, indoor potted plants & indoor hanging plants are encouraged for use.


Herbs and Plants
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Moving further on, we also put our senses to another significant use of plants. Foliage facilitates birds with their shelters or nests as well as flowers source honey bees with nectar. Nectar is the chief component of honey. Not only honey, but we also obtain bread, sugar, margarine, herbs and spices, coffee, cosmetics etc from plants.


One of the other astonishing facts include that photographic films used in cameras for photography are also derived from plants containing cellulose. Adding more to your amazement, musical instruments such as drumsticks to bagpipes, recorders to bassoons, panpipes to violins and guitars to cellos, all contain parts of plants.


Another very imperative exercise of plants is that they make the world smell incredible. They are the central element in scents. In addition to the abstract magnificence of the world they also make it look glittery. Presence of flowers around endures one with lasting loveliness. The exquisite bond of human beings with plants is pure. Sense of satisfaction and relief is gained by sitting next to the plants. Other than the fragrance, flowers are also sewed into as jewelry. Brides wear flower jewelry on their wedding functions. Mostly rose, jasmine and marigold are brought into play.


Consequently, along their uses I also believe that plants are not mere trinkets of nature but also endow with soothing effect to our eyes. Otherwise, in their absence our eyes would stone out. Plants impart greenery to the atmosphere, they help reduce heat and prevent drying up of moisture. Thus they are environmental savvy.

However advance or modern the human race becomes importance of plants would stand resolute in the center of the Earth. Their implication can never be neglected neither forgotten. If we don’t stabilize our environments today we will witness a chaos as mismanaged as disaster management for prevailing pandemic. Amazon rain forest fire, recent Australian jungle fire and annual floods in countries like India and Pakistan are signs from Earth. We don’t have more time to think and sit. Plants will always remain essential and the world will be dependent on plants for eternity, it is us who have to decide and prepare now. So let’s plant more of them, nurture them and save them for us, our loved ones and our home.

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