Psychology Profound Understanding of the Term "Generation Gap"

Profound Understanding of the Term “Generation Gap”

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Generation Gap is a phenomenon which is gradually growing with the course of time. Generation gap is a popular term which refers to the ‘distance’ or ‘differences’ that exists between people of early times (Greatest Generation) and the new generation (Millennial) due to wide variations in attitudes, perspectives and experiences. Accelerating rate of change in society influences generational gap to a greater extent. This means that generational gap is a product of change which can be technological change, behavioral change or communication pattern change.

A school of thought blames technological advancements as being the dominant contributors of change which escalated the gap between different age groups beyond fixation.

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However, the aim of many new inventions including telephones, internet, and social applications reveal they were mainly created to bridge the distance between people and to connect them beyond geographical distances. Merely blaming new technologies will bring no good as they are developed for the ease of people in one way or the other. However, probing the amount of time in which technology is used by people of different generations can provide some help in bringing two parties closer.

Older people use gadgets only in times of need otherwise they consider it as waste of time. While young people find the new technology quite captivating, fascinating and addictive. Therefore, they spend most of their time using it. Excessive usage patterns of technology by youth shows that they are explorative in nature, socially active and like to interact with new people who live far from them but in this way, they are unintentionally neglecting their immediate families.

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Young and elders find it more convenient to interact with people of their similar age group as they can relate to them more easily as compared to people of contrasting age group due to huge difference in opinion. This inclined behavior is another factor which contributes in widening the gap between generations as both parties cannot understand each other due to lack of interaction.

The current busy routines of every member in the family has brought a huge change in physical interaction. Parents are toiling to make money for spending it on their children’s education to make them a valuable member of society while children are looking up to new opportunities to meet their parent’s expectations. In this scenario, both parties feel and care for one another but are unable to express it due to lack of communication. The only thing which gets neglected most of the time is both age groups sitting together, discussing and sharing their different views, understanding each other and developing an emotional connection.   

Change is inevitable and is pivotal for the progression of society. But the gap which emerges from change can be minimized by communication and understanding. Effective communication can bridge the existing generational gap. One of the ways in which this can be achieved is if our young generation make a conscious effort to sit with their parents and grandparents and listen to what they say even if difference of opinion exists but still there is a lot which youth can learn from their elder ones. And this interaction will not only connect you with your parents and grandparents but also the tale stories and smiling faces of your elders will take you to a roller coaster ride of joy and laughter. Trust me you will surely enjoy this journey of emotional touch till the core of your heart. Try it for once and see the results yourself.

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  1. Elders need to encourage open discussions and exchange of deepest feelings. Gadgets are one factor of the generation gap, lack of patience, courage and acceptance are other major factors too. I loved your article and I wish our kids and elders to be together and stronger!

  2. I think technology has changed the behaviors of people.Early people were communication skills and relation were strong but now a days zero relation with zero communication .I love your article

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