Say hello to your old friends while ‘Social Distancing’

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Everyone these days is nagging, “SOCIAL distancing!  SOCIAL distancing!

Who else thinks that the practical use of this term is a misconception nowadays? Social distancing… Is it really what we need these days? In the days of such an unpleasant state, do we want to live hidden? Ain’t we crave to interact with the people? Yes, we do want it! But is there is something we can do about it? Well, in the times of corona we can reconnect with some of our old friends and our remote family members as we have got time for this.

What we should be practicing these days is PHYSICAL distancing not SOCIAL distancing!

Do isolate yourself physically but don’t compromise your social interaction. You have time, you have this golden opportunity to refresh and update your social circle. After getting in touch with old buddies, you will feel energized for sure. Making a call to your old school mate or writing an email would help you get to know his/her life things and stuff. No, you have nothing to do with that, but your friend may go through a catharsis of his routine life after talking to you. Why not give him/her a friendly gesture when you can and have time for that.

The same goes for far-away living parents, family members, or relatives. You might have been not talking to them for months, and they might have been craving to talk to you when they can just see you through your social media posts. Give them a chance to get close to you in real-time, in this time of crisis. Of course, you cannot pay them a visit in lock-down situation but calling them for JUST FOR THEM would make them feel much better.

Think of it for a moment; can you imagine your life without those people, who are out there for nothing but still have a huge impact on your lives. No! So how can you isolate socially forever? You can’t, and you shouldn’t! Connect to the people from your old days whom you have had forgotten because of your busy and tiring schedules. Show your presence in their lives and that they matter for you. RECONNECT!

What else? Got more time after having a video call with your far off friend? Now what? Don’t get anxious about spending time at home. Take hold of your minds and stop being upset. Anxiousness to an extent is fine but don’t let it lead you to a state called ‘helplessness’. Explore yourself! You have a whole universe within yourself to explore it! Now that you have got time, dive deep inside you. Meditate. Analyze your past months, people who came to your life and changed you. Refresh your motives and life goals. Why? Because you have got time which you had not before.



  1. Well pointed out by he author, we need to observe “physical not social distancing”. It is high time we reconnected with those with whom we lost touch over time.

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