Helping yourself overcome self obsession

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Assalamoalaikum, I am Emaan and welcome to my blog. Let’s get onto our today’s blog; basically my thoughts that I am about to share how about Self obsession affects our lives.

Loving yourself must necessarily bring the love for others. 🎊

Self-obsession and over confidence; Two distinct terms but way too similar I must say. Our souls are not always over confident however, Over confidence does lead to self-obsession at some point.

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Self obsession in a phrase is “I know I can do it” and over confidence in a phrase is “Only I can do it . This comparison is a must know for all of us.

Self-obsession for me is not a negative asset. I take self obsession as Loving yourself. We all need to love ourselves and there is always a certain point in our lives where we need love and care from ourselves more than anything else. Self obsession brings inner confidence.

As said ;

☀️”A man cannot be comfortable without his own will”☀️

Acquiring self confidence is not an easy task to do However, one of the most important and significant steps in life. Confidence for me is believing in yourself. Loving one-self is very important. It can lead you to self-realization, happiness, inner peace and what not. However, loving yourself must bring with it the urge to love and care for other people. If it doesn’t bring such a temptation I am sorry, You are officially over-confident (which is not a good thing). Over confidence in one line is “Degrading others to make you feel superior”.

❌ “Over confidence will drown you in the sea of reality” ❌

You see life doesn’t only revolve around us. We play lead roles and side roles in our own and other people life stories respectively. Therefore, karma does work over here. If we are going to mess with our side roles ; some body will definitely mess with us. Don’t just cherish yourself, Love others too ☀️

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