Covid19 Sentimental Students During Prevailing Pandemic

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Sentimental Students During Prevailing Pandemic

Students have always shown their over emotional side by complaining for every new thing that comes their way. Starting from the change in class schedule timing for a holiday in between the week to cancelling the class at random and from reducing the syllabus for exams to requesting the final paper to be based on practical work rather than theoretical one. Some of the issues are valid while some are based on sentiments that keep flowing like “Class hai tou Q hai? Class nae ho rae tou Q nae ho rae? (If we have a class then why do we have it? If we are not having a class then why aren’t we having it?).”

But the current coronavirus pandemic which has taken the whole world in its grip has brought serious concerns for the students. Universities are ordered by higher authorities to continue with online classes and to choose an appropriate method for assessments based on the recommendations as the practical learning of students cannot be compromised. The question arises that can online classes be considered an accurate substitute for conventional classes? Well the answer is very clearly NO! It can be used to keep the students in loop but it is somehow serving as a loaded burden.

The idea of having online classes is quite good for sustaining the learning process but it can never bring the feel and ambiance of classes held in physical presence of students and teacher. Also, it should be made easy and flexible keeping in mind the restrictions and problems that exist in online arena. Some of the institutes are handling this very well by facilitating the students in the best way possible but some of the institutes are torturing the students with excessive assignments, time limited quizzes and lengthy projects. This in return is making the students over emotional and burdened.

There is a distressing minority which have some serious internet connectivity issues in their locality and they have to step out of their premises to gain internet signals. Being the privileged one, it becomes difficult to empathize with the emotions of students who do not have enough financial support to afford reliable internet access and they are suffering from complex and mental strain.

The pandemic situation is already hitting hard everyone and the only way to make it bearable is to make easiness for others. Same way universities should keep things easy flowing for the students rather than building up mental pressure.

We all know that bringing education to a halt is not an antidote but empathizing and helping students with their problems and addressing their concerns is the only way to keep them going and becoming their support in these gloomy times.

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Asma Sajid
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