Reading Systematic Racism in West

Systematic Racism in West

Another case similar to George Floyd has risen proving racism is in the system

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The recent incident with George Floyd’s brutal murder at the hands of a white police officer exposes the outright hatred and contempt that the African-American community has to deal with in the United States every day. Years of systematic racism and discrimination along with this recent incident has led hundreds of thousands of people all over the US to break lock-down rules to protest and demand equality for black Americans, amidst the pandemic. Racial tensions in the country haven’t been as high since the civil rights movement in the 60s.

The incidents such as George Floyd’s have happened throughout the twentieth century: Emmet Louis Till, Frances Gilmore, Aaron Bigger staff, and thousands of more countless victims of segregation and race- motivated crimes.

Even though steps have been taken throughout history to eradicate the disease of racism, it still seems to persist in his day. The systematic oppression can be observed in the form of disproportionate arrests of blacks, discrimination in the job market, harassment and bullying in public schools, the portrayal of African-Americans and lack of diversity in T.V. programs, and so on.

From the days of the Atlantic slave trade up to the American Civil war, Africans have been denied basic human rights. And the mentality of white supremacy among the American populous has been passed between generations. The modern misinformed and stupid racists who’ve rebranded themselves as “nationalists” use every dirty trick (especially misuse of crime statistics) to downplay the racism against African Americans.

Slowly, but surely, these problems are being tackled by the feminist and black-activist movements such as ANTIFA, BLM, and LGBTq+. But there is a lot that can be done to eliminate racism from its grass root level as defunding the police can only help so much.Sponsored

We can tackle racism in public schools by informing the younger generations of the ignorance of the racist mindset and by teaching kids how to respond to racist attitudes. Tolerance for and kindness towards people with diverse backgrounds should be taught at an early age by creating an environment of inclusivity and social mixing

Representation of African Americans in entertainment (video games, T.V.) can help tackle racism as well. We can combat negative racial stereotypes by putting typecasting of Africans to an end. Representation also helps normalization of social mixing.

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