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The lost message of Dirilis Ertugrul

Dirllis Ertugrul

Dirilis Ertugrul, one of the most watched TV series not only in Pakistan but across the boundaries. Series is an admirable step of Turkish government to counter widely spreading Islam phobia and misconceptions about Muslim rulers. The hype that the series got is totally justified as it rightly portrayed the character of Muslim heroes, their traits and the teachings of Islam. The series has nicely portrayed the values of Islamic society that is honesty, unity, brotherhood and spirit to spread the message of Allah.

Kay tribe

The series is based on the life story of a fighter of Kay tribe, Ertugrul,who used all of his energies and resources to spread the message of Allah and to curb the forces that tried to weakens the roots of Islam. Muslim heroes have finely pictured fighting against traitors and invaders. War scenes have beautifully visualized, showing the courageous Muslim warriors on their horses bravely fighting against the enemies.

Ertugrul Ghazi on PTV

The main purpose of airing a foreign TV series on state channel is to make youth learn about Islamic values, history and ethics. Let’s see what we have learnt from this record breaking series.

Ertugrul snacks:

It is said that product or series in Pakistan is popular if the shops are selling snacks with the name of that product or series.

Ertugrul papar

Instead of honoring the series by taking some good initiatives like having lectures on basic teachings of Islam like brotherhood, unity and honesty  in masjids so that masses can have good understanding of religion with compulsory worships.

As depicted in the series also, where one of the famous character of the series, playing role of great  Muslim scholar Ibn-ul-Arabi tells worshipers about basic virtues and their great reward by  Almighty Allah, that encourages the people to be kind and helpful to each other.

Ertugrul Fever:

This video clearly depicts that how badly we have failed to grasp the beautiful messages of honesty, simplicity, empathy and kindness, being conveyed by the series. We conceived this deep master piece on such a surface level that I felt sorry for being such ignorant audience.

Ertugrul Fever

Instead of selling his motorcycle and buying a horse, this man can help the people, by giving free rides to poor, old citizens of the country. But this act could give him an overnight fame which he preferred over an eternal fame

Bashing Ertugrul’s cast:

I think we as a nation have become habitual to personally attack people.  The way Pakistani people bashed the cast without thinking that they are not actually Halima Sultan or Ertugrul Ghazi but Muslims like us.

That bashing neither affected the popularity of series, nor the reputation of the cast, instead reflected the mentality of nation. Such behavior from even educated people of the country is shameful enough.

Music Renditions:

It’s always nice to render good things. Like the whole series the music of the Ertugrul also shattered the records of popularity and has been rendered not only by Pakistani celebrities like Hamza Ali Abbasi but also by different local Pakistani bands.

But wait does this series just demand music renditions from us?, absolutely No. The series demands us to be united for our oppressed Muslim brothers in Kashmir, Palestine, Syria and Yemen. The same social media that we are using to share these renditions can also be used to be the voice of oppressed not only on some specific days but throughout the year. Social media users and influence rs can do a lot, digital boycotts and online campaigns could be effective to realize the world that what’s going on is wrong.

Conclusively Dirllis Ertugrul is no doubt a master piece that revived the Muslim history in marvelous way. Series has successfully grasped the attention of its viewers, but the purpose of the series was not only getting attention but to rejuvenate the true essence of Islam.Now this is our turn to get that essence and try to be a more practicing Muslim that knows how to love, obey and combat.

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  1. No doubt it is a masterpiece but un fortunately we took it so casually that the essence has lost.

    Yes you’re right there is alot of space for good content and strong story. People want to get rid of the ideas of دو ٹکے کی عورت and دو ٹکے کا مرد.

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