The Pursuit to truth by Faisal Ali Saroshi

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“The Pursuit Of Truth And Beauty Is A Sphere Of Activity In Which We Are Permitted To Remain Children All Our Lives” – Albert Einstein

In a society where we live, a great attention is paid on learning, not our society but in every
society of the world. In order to, calculate the norms, values and virtues in them. Every
society has its own set of standard norms, values and virtues. Everyone consider them an
important part of their training right from their home. A child at the time of birth is neutral; it is society that implants norms in his/her mind. A child grows to be biased since he/she was trained in such environment which was assured to him to be the only authentic source of knowledge.

“The only work remained for us is to make people accept our truth and realities”- Jon Elia

Truth is something bigger than we teach to our children and promote in society. Truth is not
which we want to listen but the truth is that everyone accepts. Everyone has its own
definition of truth in our society and that’s something upon we should think.
Anatole France has called the investigation of truth

What’s the most Profoundest Question ever asked in History?

Society transforms human according to its structural experiences and knowledge it contains. Based on this, Francis Bacon laid the foundation of scientific method of studying nature.

Now truth become attached to sensory experiences and laboratory results. People now a days believe more on laboratory works then the people. In ancient times, the tongue of the people was everything, everyone believed upon when someone said by his tongue. Beside this, nowadays people even close relatives don’t believe on people, the reason is the “ Snake in Eagles Shadow ”.

Everyone wants other to be truthful but they themselves don’t want to be.

“If I’m Happy With My Lie Then Who Are You To Impose Your Truth Upon Me” – JAUN ELIA

Most of the people consider truth a biggest lie of the history now a days.

“Truth Is A Biggest Lie Ever, And People Are So Truthful That They Don’t Speak This
Lie”- Jaun Elia

Societies keep transforming but the truth is that people aren’t transforming. Our education
system, which make societies doesn’t yield the results one is expecting. Everyone is not
happy from his job and they aren’t performing their job. Everyone is in hustle, without
concentrating on his Goal provided. All of us are responsible for failure of education
and hence the society.

“The Pursuit Of Truth Is Not Important. The Pursuit Of That Truth Is Important Which Helps You In Reaching Your Goal That Is Provided You Have One”- AYN RAND

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