How you can become a real warrior

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We have different answers for different situations. Different standards for different people. Different languages for different races. Don’t we?

We are not what we actually are. We are molded by society in such a way that we no more care about humanity but all we care about is actually nothing.

I don’t f*cking care” is the most common dialogue these days. What do you not care about huh? The people? What they say? Oh wait, the thing that you don’t care about is yourself.

Being selfish is not a bad thing in a world we are living because, at least you care about yourself.

As said ;

The time never changes, people do”

Heart is the most beautiful part of the body. Why? Because it doesn’t have any sort of standard. A heart can never be evil. How can a place, where ALLAH lives, be evil?

The thing is ; we all have a pure heart and nobody deserves any sort of hate no matter what he/she has done.

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We don’t believe people because we don’t even believe ourselves. Life is too long to do everything but too short to do what you like.

I was once reading a novel, and I read this thing ;

🌸”We all are fighters, and at different points in our life there is a chance that pops up. The real difference between a warrior and a fighter is that; the warrior knows how to pickup that chance“🌸

It means, Life will give you a million of chances. Don’t be discouraged by your current situation because your current situation is not your future.

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🌟”Just be who you are” 🌟

Go for what your heart wants. But first;

🌟Explore your soul and believe in yourself” 🌟

All the love Emaan✨

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