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The world I wanted in 2030

Who knows what ensues next? Do we know what will one develop by 2030? But this does not suggest that we stop thinking. I had written this article five years ago about the world I wanted in 2030 but what I see from being halfway there is confusion and a craze to win. Win what? Everyone is unsure.

Teenage was a delicate age, a critical time one had to pass through. A lot of notions came and went but the picture of future took my time. Every so often when I sat near the window the navy sky became my mirror and I used to reflect.

The world is revolutionizing swift. Technology is taking over and compassion is constantly being cast out. The kind of world in which I reside in is insecure and majorly overpowered by prejudice. I will not be this young in 2030, so when I compare my youth with my adult hood, I would want to be happy while saying that the world around me has recovered. Recovered from racism, having pre-conceived ideas about vague elements, tedious education systems, ‘’My Lord Technology’’ craze and most significantly from the rage of dominance.

Restored honesty and compassion:

Compassion, kindness, care, peace
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Initially the world was a happy green place, but we added brown and black to it. A child is groomed and taught to be well-mannered but the same child when transforms into a sensible person loses the sense of thinking, shuts down the shutters of his childhood teachings and throws the key away. He then spruces himself to be egotistic, undue as well as charlatan. Duplicity streams flowing out of dishonest leaders and local men is destroying societies as whole. One may think how much can I expect to get reformed in ten years? But why not! In next ten years I wish to see young leaders governing the structures of the world. So that tentative tension stretched against countries on the basis of color, religion, creed, popularity, power, as well as economy and terrorism is completely ebbed and the eminence of peace is preferred by all.

Reduction of basic crimes with employment:

Discussing about the upgrading of the globe, impoverishment has become a nuisance over latitudes and longitudes. When a person or a community becomes deficient of money that is when the roots of major dilemmas are grown. Scarcity of cash indirectly leads one towards corrupt ideas like robbery, kidnapping, murder etc. These fraudulent backgrounds then become clusters of terrorism.

Employment removes some nuisances of life
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To prevent countries and eventually the world from attaining such hopeless stages certain initial movements can save the world from the plague of terror campaigns. Just like we talk about deforestation and climate issues we have to create opportunities for those who want a second chance at life. Research proves the crime rates can be reduced (not diminished) by more employment options.

True essence of education:

In addition to the mentioned amendments, yet another most important change I would like to see in the time of ten years is upgrading the mind-numbing education systems. The motto of ‘’step up education’’ is heaved in almost every progressive speech or convention as well as in news columns and in writings. The grounds are not that education is a regular topic to confer but every predicament is linked with the lack of knowledge and compassion. Education must teach compassion.

Knowledge is power
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When people trek towards end of their twenty’s they begin to plan their family. In a very similar manner, when I step in my thirty’s I would not want my children to waste their energies on learning dispensable course articles. Rather, I would want them to spend their time on learning informative manias and make their theoretical learning productive by practically experiencing it.

Distinction of technology and human race:

A man with a ace of a tablet.
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As conversed before, the technology whim has obsessed the world. Back in 2015, one who did not have a smart phone imprudently thought of himself incompatible with society. For a time after ten years, technological lavishes seem not to remain fashion but become a necessity. What will we do when fancy gadgets and cloud usage will be a problem for a simple lady? So much has changed in these five years so later, I do not want to be served by a robot waiter in a world I wanted in 2030. Will I enjoy a mono-tone ‘’H-E-R-E I-S Y-O-U-R F-O-O-D’’? A human attending me with a gentle smile is what I’d love. That smile would make his day and my day; the only difference would be that his day would be with the pay. Modern man must not overlook that today he is making robot waiters; tomorrow these robot waiters might create their robot bosses. Want proof?

It’s still not too late:

One thing that hasn’t changed is that I believed that except a few facts of this mortal world, world is not certainly a happy or a sad place. I still believe it becomes a place like it is planned for us. Sometimes our free will is suppressed by destiny and that’s how it is. Anyhow, in the world I wanted in 2030, I wish to be stronger and a better person for everyone I am acquainted to. By being independent in all sanity, one can bring comfort, hope and strength for those who need us and a world can really be a better place. The world we live in is because of the kindness left among us, so let’s add more to the goodness.

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Maryam Iftikhar
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