Motivation Unity is The Change We Dream Of!

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Unity is The Change We Dream Of!

A young person’s mind thinks a lot and their thoughts run deep. We, as ambitious individuals are trapped by overwhelming hardships and imposed obstacles around us. Often times we find ourselves drenched in the filth of feudalism, structural oppression, inefficient education systems and a chant; “You cannot fight the system.” We have forgotten how a dream of one man could change the world and when passion is combined with unity it is then only when collective happiness is created. Unity is important for every goal to be achieved and for every evil to be scared away.


Be hero for yourself and for your people
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Have you ever encountered a problem and head straight to the notion; “Only if I had enough manpower!”. Well that’s what some of us (women) think all our lives. Anyhow, when we can think of enough hands as a help why don’t we actually contribute to an issue and create our own solutions? Our downfall in most areas is because we are divided and history proves it.


It is 21st century, it feels like every department is progressing four times than our pace. On one side, the world is changing its lifestyle due to pandemic, field of digital employment is growing rapidly where some of us don’t seem to fit in and it also appears that secure-government jobs will vanish soon. On the other hand, our country is coming under the debt and consequences of International Monetary Fund (IMF) day by day so it feels like we are under a hydraulic press because it is curbing us, indirectly.

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Despite similar problems, I see that most of the times people don’t make an effort to offer help. Either they offer and don’t mean it or they don’t bother to put in some courage at all. That’s where we suffer alone at one point in life or another.


Be it a university issue, a martial problem or a political nuisance, every solution lies in unity. The bitter truth from female student wing is not a secret nowadays. As per my observation, girls do not participate in speaking against academic lords because of several reasons; we fear suspension, social media is not a comfortable place to show our faces, our families don’t tolerate our voices and we are not backed by anyone because most of us are created into dummy dolls.


Women are silenced when they bring their opinions
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Our hearts are united but our voices do not unite with each other because of societal restrictions. How is it that male friends are hailed as best when it comes to practical help? It’s because they have the audacity to leave the house at any time of the day. They don’t need permissions and don’t need to draft maps to reach out. A bike and a few bucks is sometimes enough to help a friend. So, that is one of the biggest issues when it comes to female solidarity. But imagine if we didn’t fear the feudal lords and joined our brothers’ hands in struggle, it would certainly be a game changer.


When a student is harassed or is oppressed under pressure that leads to his or her suicide why don’t we take a real stand? Imagine students from not just a university but from universities all across the city begin to gather and use their voice for justice, I believe such a massive reaction will create an impact. It is exactly the lack of unity that has made us cold towards an accident or trauma. We can drive by a dead body, upload the dead’s videos, share hashtags but never unite and feel confident in our skin that we may create a difference someday. We should think of showing up and working for someone else’s cause to create a culture whose youth does not shut up.


But in a country where a major fraction of youth struggles to find success, the youth itself is busy in hitting each other below the belt. Instead of sharing a meat loaf on the table, majority of students are busy cutting each other’s flesh under the table. Where does the race lead to anyways? It leads to grave no matter which path we take. Lack of unity creates divide and divided masses have never tasted triumph in its true manner.


I have encountered true events and stories where fellows denied to lift a struggling mate. Ridiculous gestures of abandonment and disregard were showed. It felt pathetic to see rising stars playing mean games. This craving of pushing someone down forced me to think how are we satisfied with the success that came by letting someone down? Will the product of such excellence be consistent happiness? Would it be possible to differentiate between our friends and foes because we have been a selfish latter?


Structural Oppression

Now take a look at government bodies. When a couple of senior officers manipulate a junior officer, we see either the officer gives up and complies or gives up and shoots himself. Reverse the scenario and imagine a force of honest officers who were witnessing the charlatan rising against the black sheep. Regardless of their power, just picture honest and fearless officers from both senior and junior wing walking up to the pharaohs.


Everybody wins with unity!
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When our silence and ignorance can create our societal pharaohs why can’t the frequency of our voices shatter these idols? Initially there will be blood but aren’t innocent assets being wasted anyways? I do not intend to narrate a heroic movie but only history. Till the time we continue to believe that one man cannot fight the system, people worse than us will continue to dictate over us and nobody will make an effort to help someone.


We can prevent ourselves from oppression if we unite and fight against it. Just look into the Muslim world right now, our downfall is due to our lack of unity and divide. Unity is very important and can restore our leadership. But fraud, corruption and greed has brought many Muslim countries at their knees. Who do we see strong among us? Turkey? Malaysia? Saudi Arabia? Where did Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Palestine go? We don’t need to run around dollars and be in debt. The Asian belt of Muslim countries can flourish only if we stop begging around, remove the dirt from our lands and stand in solidarity with our Muslim friends. Then we can talk about our international partners where our terms and values are considered as well.

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Maryam Iftikhar
Maryam Iftikhar
In the journey of tears and traumas, hope and joy I have become a woman who worked on herself, broke the shackles and is trying to own her life.

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