Entertainment View On Banning PUBG in Pakistan

View On Banning PUBG in Pakistan

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Everyone needs leisure time. The point is should we define the type and scope of someone else’s fun? If I like to read and my sister likes to watch movies for a break; should any third person be allowed to restrict us? In this pandemic where everyone is getting lazy and bored at home, people had found an activity to keep themselves busy and re-connect over a game. The news of banning the game Player’s Unknown Battle Grounds also commonly referred as “PUBG” has been banned in China for being a threat to national security and that it shows a “cultural invasion”. This doesn’t end here, a new ban over PUBG is under process in Pakistan.

Is our media free from brutally violent content?

Recently three young players, teenagers and young adults, have committed suicide over this. The proposed reason is how emotional and depressed they got when they were asked not to play the game anymore. My question is for everyone who supports the decision because of stated reason in Pakistan; how less harmful are social media platforms or other gaming products? Does violence on television not promote evil ills? Our children and youngsters see heinous crimes being reported on news channels but we don’t ban any of those platforms.

Pick the better side yourself:

My assumptions and stance towards any technological piece is my very own. If people have been extreme players how can it be labeled “dangerous” for any other mass? Are news anchors responsible for mistaken murders because they have been reporting crimes every day? Should we blame the butcher when a brother actually butchered his younger brother after witnessing a goat slaughter? How is any of this due to a person doing his/her job or a technology that was created for amusement?

PUBG is not dangerously violent for sane people:

My argument is not based on negative comparisons. PUBG simply does not have violent graphics or bloody scenes. A person becomes a crate and releases a green smoke after falling dead. There is no massacre in form of amputated dead bodies. PUBG is an action game whose graphics are quite close to reality; houses don’t seem like dungeons, cars are not stained with gangster tattoos, lakes are not filled with blood and nobody certainly asks anyone to carve “P-U-B-G” on their arms to show their loyalty towards the game.

Lack of self-control:

In the prevailing pandemic where everyone is restricted to a monotonous routine what harm does a game bring? Time management and self-control are personal instincts in the first place. Adults can look out for themselves but if few teenagers cannot be mature about their enjoyment whom should anyone blame? Should other youngsters be blamed for those who became addicts? When a man cannot resist playing a game for seven straight hours, why should others pay any cost when they play it quite casually as a mere game? So, it is better to impose age restrictions for children rather than a national ban.

Why is age-restriction a better solution?

Why children? Because parents should administer activities of children as their minds cannot process the consequences of any harmful activity. A child cannot understand why hundred people would kill remaining ones in order to survive. Just for fun and just to win are concepts that don’t make sense to kids. Hence, this purely suggests that any level of action game must be avoided by children till a certain age whereas teenagers can be schooled for a better approach. Banning PUBG is not a solution because people can download more action games which are definitely violent and graphically strong. Instead of snatching a medium, the game should have age restrictions.

PUBG; A point of virtual connection for friends

For many people this game or any other game is a place to re-connect virtually, to stay in touch on daily basis and to take out two to three hours for some “friends” time. We don’t meet our chums every day and our family members are far in their homes as well. This game is popular because of its voice features; when we can hear our friends laugh at our mistakes, when we rush to save a knocked-out friend or when we tease the other one for getting shot for peaking. Addicts become addicts and killers become killers because of their moral lag, immaturity and other grave factors. Therefore, associating PUBG with game as such BLUE WHALE is shockingly illogical.

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Maryam Iftikhar
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  1. #unbanpubg. I’m not in a support of this decision because it was the only relief in the war of online classes and assignments. Thus more useless application’s should be ban which are against our society norms.

    • Yeah, the reason for which this game is banned is senseless. Is it TV’s fault if I watch too many dramas? Should Pakistani dramas be banned too? Hahaha this ban on PUBG is bizarre!

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