Documentaries We The 3rd Generation (Personal Documentary)

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We The 3rd Generation (Personal Documentary)

My grandfather migrated from sub continent, my Father was born in Pakistan and now here I am the 3rd generation of my country. If we talk about grandparents I do not know much about their obedience level toward their parents but I have seen my parents saying YES to every order of their parents without arguing then we came…….THE THIRD GENERATION. Our parents show flexibility in their behaviors toward us. If they love us and definitely they do,they show it with their care,love and even words. Things change,customs change even way of expression also changes.

So the biggest change that comes in our Fathers and Mothers, that change is all about expression of everything you feel is with tongue. In old times fathers show a little reluctance in hugging their sons because their was a relation of little fear and more respect. In the present age father just for the sake of getting more friendly with his son has started making TIKTOK videos along with the son.Now they both share the dancing screen in front of world.

‘Speaking about problems’ is the solution of 1000 problems but creating an atmosphere of solving the solutions and maintaining a respectful surrounding at the spur of moment is necessary. I love the present age changes, I love to sit with my Father arguing with him on different healthy topics and we both laughing when discussion turns toward my marriage kind of things. So,for me this present age for Third Generation has its pros and cons both and where the story goes it all depend upon parents of second generation.They people are still innocent type. I do not know what we people are gonna do,i have seen a lot of my cousins becoming a mother and they do not even give a hard gaze to their children . Children get more sensitive to hard side during their upbringing.

Its not right to show a sweet and gentle side all the time to your children.we still fear and respect our parents ,we stop our Mothers to not go out for carrying daily kind of things. We still cover our heads in front of our fathers.In my view 4th generation is gonna be the most loving one but spoiled too. They will be only habitual to the gentle side of their parents. There are still some cases in our generation if parents treat a kid harshly, he often commits suicide….In the protection of Allah.May Allah grant a noble thought to our coming generation and also to the coming parents that how to up bring their child,by keeping in mind what is the need of society.

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I am Muzna From Pakistan. A girl with 1000 of thoughts in mind but without a platform

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