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What is Depression

What is that one factor that enhances your level of loneliness ?

When you know you have done all possible things to make the world happy and you are still not getting what you want.Its human nature to desire to expect and when that expectation fails and continuous failure and rejections starts then a person get involved in depression. Though everything is same but just because of making others happy what happens that a person itself gets ill .

How to overcome depression?

Don’t think to much and never hold grief ,anger,stress.whatever situation is there ,talk to someone and if there is no one there is you, talk to yourself and your creator and have faith sometimes a little faith and discussion can heal the problems .its easy to say that a person is going through this mental state of depression and anxiety and dissatisfaction .Alot of people have admitted suicide some are in mental asylum and some have been ended with divorce .its not in an individual hand if you are going through or you know their is someone going through this give time to that person and start listening and just a little conversation and faith can help to kill this depression from the world .

Main causes of depression

  • unfriendly relationship
  • financial problems
  • overthinking
  • loneliness
  • more workload

Everything subsides with the passage of time but depression cant be finish one can not say it’s easy to just start again it takes time and alot of effort a mutual effort of family and friends and that’s why I always say that if your family and your parents and your spouse is your strength you can even win that depression and can be successful and happy.

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