What to do in the times of Corona? (Part-2)

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The article is the continuation of What to do in the times of Corona (Part-1)

Work from home

This is the best thing ever happened in the times of corona, in the history of the world (since I am born). We could have never imagined that life would be so EASY that we will start working OFFICIALLY from home in our pajamas. You must have been bored with daily robotic 8 hours hectic work routine, face to face presentations, sudden meetings, and involuntary travel for years. Let’s all do the same things from home. So, feel happy about being with your family like at weekends at one hand plus with the satisfaction of making your boss happy simultaneously.


Let’s break it down in the following way and feel good about this acronym.

  • C      Curate
  • O      ourselves
  • V      via
  • I       inside
  • D      dive
  • 19    for 19 minutes

    OR perceive it as
  • C         celebration
  • O         opportunity
  • V         vacations
  • I          illuminate
  • D         different day

Go ahead to draw your own preferred activities or meaning from this acronym.


Is it really a term to be afraid of? But why? I personally do not think so. Because it is so like meditation and disconnecting yourself from all the filths of the world. Talking religiously, everyone must develop the habit of self-exploration. It the most recommended habit by most successful people in the world; knowing what you want deep inside. Being in quarantine in the times of corona gives you a lot of time to spend on you. If you still get bored of quarantine, there is a lot more you can add to your daily routine, like following your faded passion, reading your favorite book, watching your favorite season, painting your bedroom,etc. (You will find my next article on that soon).

Wear mask


Duh! Mask yourself? Yeah, it sounds strange. But it has a very positive side as well, which we may not see right now. How many times you have tried to cure your unwanted pimples, skin allergies, tanned face marks? How many of you have wished to breathe the clean air with no smog and dust? How many times you have had the idea of applying a permanent sunscreen on your face? So, all your wishes have come true. Let me give you one-stop solution to all problems. Yes, you can do all this by just wearing a mask or covering your face.

Corona is a fatal virus, but it has impacted our life styles and daily habits in such a positive way that I cannot resist myself from sharing these.

Happy Corona Time!

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