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What works on internet ft. Abeera Dilawar

I sincerely believe humans should be happy above most things.

Internet has transformed the globe into a hub where every individual is now connected with another through media platforms. The world has gone digital and youngsters are now emerging as content creators. Abeera Dilawar is among one of the Instagram bloggers who is followed by thousands of admirers and is well known for her creation of vivid content. She serves to be a motivation for other netizens who are striving to make their place in online platform. We asked her several questions in the interview that might aid the current or prospective bloggers.

In the beginning of the interview, we asked her that every person goes through a phase of current self identification and a self idea of how they see themselves in the future. So how did she decide to comprehend this personal side? To which she responded;

“Well at first I found myself inclining towards the obvious comfortable and traditional ways that make life so much easier but going to med school and exploring the human hypocrisy abundantly present around me was probably the trigger. Then there’s the fact that what ever is safe and comfortable isn’t always what makes you happy. And I sincerely believe humans should be happy above most things.” This reminds me of a famous quote of T. Harv Eker which goes

“The only time you are actually growing is when you are uncomfortable.”

It feels like she is fortunate enough to understand this one key notion of success quite early. We further inquired her about how she got stick with the idea of blogging and did she face any apprehensions coming to the field or did any event ever knock her enough to abort this dimension? She told Siffar that;

“I starred back three years ago with simply writing and poetry but it progressed to a more visual blog as I embraced myself as a person. Beautiful, individual and important with all my good qualities and my flaws. A journey of self acceptance everyone should take. There were obviously times when you want to quit because you have to be a certain way in order to grow as a blogger and I certainly would lose interest, get busy in real life and forget about it all. But I didn’t face any such apprehensions.”

She has published many blogs that are further re-shared by a huge lot. When we asked her that among all of the posts, which blog post she found the most successful one? She elaborated;

“Till now, my most successful post was a Twitter thread by a guy regarding women’s rights in Islam and by decree of nikah. I just had the courage to share it publicly. Rest most of my tweets, opinions about social issues trend alot mostly regarding women rights, mental health and self love. And I guess it’s appealing because it’s what we all think but can’t speak up about.”

The topics that Abeera Dilawar touches through her writing skills requires courage and a keen motivation to raise voice against the society evils. More power to you girl!

When we requested her to tell about the most intriguing memory in this journey of blogging, she told Siffar that;

 “My most intriguing memory is the sudden blowing up of the nikah thread. It got so much love and became a source of awareness for so many people I can’t ever forget that. It also motivated me to openly speak up about many other matters.”

Abeera shared with Siffar that “Although I feel I am unable to create an overall change as some views of society are quite rigid. But I have had the honor of being someone’s listener, like minded people reach out, victims reach out and tell their stories, they want to just say they’re happy something was said in their favor. A girl was once conned by a really famous brand and she asked for help, I made sure she was heard and a friend actually helped do much and she was compensated.”

For the bloggers who have either joined blogging recently or are planning to do so, Abeera Dilawar gave some traces which might prove helpful. She suggested;

“For me, I create my content from my heart. I propose that the best method to attract the traffic is to make your post so good and creative that it reaches the explore page. Another way is to engage with similar people, reach out to target audience via direct messages. But for those who want to grow fast and care to do blogging professionally, I’d suggest you invest in Instagram advertising program. Also, while posting your content make use of popular and niche specific hashtags. The most important thing I’d say is your work should reflect professionalism and you should always know how to speak to people. ”

Abeera Dilawar added that while working on digital platform, always keep your mental health a priority. She said

“Staying true to yourself is all it takes to be honest. Not caring about statistics is a good way to stay psychologically healthy.”

It was a worthwhile experience interviewing Abeera Dilawar. We hope that her journey would have captivated you and encouraged you to get out of your comfort zone to do what actually makes you joyful.

Meanwhile stay tuned with Siffar. More interview blogs coming soon.

This article has been edited for the convenience of readers by Asma Sajid

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