Motivation Why satisfying your soul is a priority?

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Why satisfying your soul is a priority?

Just as the characters of a movie, we are protagonist or mentor in someone’s story while villain in someone else’s tale. To some, our presence is significant while we play side character in the lives of others.

We give a lot of ourselves to this mundane world without realizing that satisfying this temporary place and people associated with it, is not completely possible. Sometimes we fancy ourselves to be mentioned in the good books of everyone without realizing that this is a fantasy which can never be attained as fantasies never last long and the expectations associated with them lead to heartbreaks that leave cracks which are hard to be filled.

Satisfying your soul is crucial and of foremost importance but in this process never opt for hurting someone else for elevating your inner self. Having the best intentions and sincere heart for others and wishing them all the happiness and success they desire will fill you with satisfaction, gratification and serenity. In contrast, getting envious of other’s possession makes you weak, ill-hearted and fills you with negativity and cynicism.

Nature has a perfect and wonderful rule which says that “what you wish for others ultimately find its way back”. No one has got the strength to snatch your share of blessings from you. Instead you have got the power to amplify them by wishing others luck.

Not everyone will value you, understand you and become a helping hand. Remember there are villains in everyone’s story so how come you would be an exception. That villain could be anyone, a hater or a close one who turned into your enemy or a bunch of strangers or even society at large. Take them as your educators because they teach you those life lessons which you won’t learn otherwise. What you need to remember is never indulge in hatred, remorse and revenge.

Soul satisfaction and pure intentions should be a priority. We cannot gratify everything that comes our way but we have to please our inner soul which yearns for peace and goodness. And above all these things, the Lord will always be there for you and will send his implicit aid if you never wish to harm anyone deliberately.

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Asma Sajid
Asma Sajid
The power of articulating your thoughts and emotions through words is a bliss. Realise that the power within you is greater than the power in the world.

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