Reading Why i think Sindh is being Destroyed!

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Why i think Sindh is being Destroyed!

Honesty will give value to your culture, otherwise you will find Sindh in the books of history.

“Language represents a nation throughout the world”.

First of all throw light on our role in destroying our homeland, Sindh. I went to Balochistan and saw everyone there communicating by using their native language, everyone was wearing their traditional dress, everyone was following Balochi culture. I visited Punjab and heard people speaking their mother tongue. They were all in their cultural dresses.

I visited Karachi, Sindh and I am very regretful to tell you all that they all were speaking in Urdu or English, they all were following western culture, were wearing jeans and shirt. And those people who were following their culture and speaking their mother tongue, were considered as an-alphabetic. Karachi, most biggest city of Pakistan, huge part of Sindh is ignoring it’s own culture. How can a nation develop when it’s own people prefer other languages and other cultures to it’s culture and language?

Self-centered people:-

The people living in Sindh are so selfish that the youth generation for earning more and more money is leaving Sindh. And here Sindh loses it’s talented people.

Whenever people raise there voice against atrocity, they are given a few notes to be a clam.

Whenever it’s time of elections, people living in rural areas are given 500 rupees by a party to vote them. And when that party wins the election, apart from those promises they forget their duties and start feeding themselves. So since last 50 years we haven’t seen any development, any change in Sindh. And how will it develop when the people living in it are double faced. Issue of poverty remains unsolved and poor one die because of hunger. Majority remains unemployed because of that source system. They sell jobs on money and those who need the job and can perfectly fit for that job remain jobless.

Lack of education:-

Education, which is the first and foremost right of every single person,but here everyone is deprived of this right. How people are deprived from this right? Government schools set for providing education to those children who can’t afford it are completely empty. The teachers keep taking salary without coming to school. And this lead to poverty.

In rural areas parents don’t allow their children to study but use them as a source of income for their family. Those little kids who have to hold books in their little little hands, they hold bricks. They have to earn for their family.

Now come to the board office, where the workers of board office take a beautiful amount of money from parents to pass their children with flying colours. The rich one will do this but what about those who just only earn to eat two times a day. How will they live in this society? Without good marks how will they get admission in Universities? Without degree how will they get jobs ? And here the poor remain poor and riches get richer.

Copy-system in Sindh has diminished the fear of being failed in exams. Now why will the students study, when everything has been made easy for them. They know they will copy and they skip studding and waste their time in different things.

our youth is stuck with social-media, they spent all their time at social media. And don’t give time to their studies. Social-media has become important for them.

Education is the most important pillar of a nation. And we have taken it easy, hence our Sindh is suffering from this destruction.

Be honest to your work, be honest with your studies, give value to your language, give value to your culture, otherwise you will find Sindh in the books of history.

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