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A self realization post, this one is for all of us ☀️

It’s been long since I last wrote a blog but I knew exactly what I wanted to write about ; You.Don’t look around for love and care, The only thing that you need is you. Learn to cherish yourselve and be your first priority. 🌼

We all have our goals and dreams in our lives that we grew up with in the hope of achieving them one day But, we have a misconception of relating dreams and goals with success. Achieving our life goals doesn’t necessarily bring succes with it.

☀️”For your life to be Great,Your faith must be bigger than your fear” ☀️

To attain our objectives in life the most important thing is self-belief without the fear of failure. Succes is an asset.The only thing that matters is what you want ; the things that makes u happy can make your life great. Life gives us so many choices and we should choose wisely. Our choices become our destiny.

☀️”To Be Sucessful; You don’t have to do more,You have to be more” ☀️

This is one of my favourite quote that focuses mainly on ‘YOU’ not on what you do. Being more doesn’t mean ‘to be the best’ or ‘to be like someone you are not’. Being more means being more of yourself ; To be the better version of yourselves. Don’t try hard to be something you are not. Be who you are but try to improve yourselves to become better and stronger.

Everybody has a talent or an aptitude, All we need to do is to try to look beyond our physical selves and to seek what we want. Find your strength and work on it. At the end of the day ‘You’ll be what you are destined for’. ☀️

Stay blessed and Happy 🥰.

~ Emaan 🌼

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