Motivation You are your only Competition

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You are your only Competition

Most of the people have a habit of self-talk, they repeat the incidents happen in their lives.

You’re your only competition, most of the times you start comparing yourself with others, it’s better to never stop and keep improving yourself but isn’t it more healthy to be your own competitor?

When you start comparing your past with your present, you’ll see what have you gained and lost in these years.
If you just go back to some of your life years, you’ll see that time, you’ve had not habit of reading books but now you’ve inherit it, you couldn’t understand your history books but now you are aware of them, you didn’t know how to drive but now you’re one of the fine drivers and this urge you to be the part of car race and vice versa.

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There are thousand of things that keep changing in your life on daily, monthly or yearly basis, if you just sit back and have a look upon those, you will understand the gain and loss of life.
When you compare yourself with others, you’ve thousand of ambiguities in your mind that what will be happend?

Will I be able to defeat them in this ground etc. When you lag behind it, they’ll lead you to the depression and stress, when you are not actually able to defeat them so one must choose the option of competition with oneself, in this journey people will try to drive you nuts but REMEMBER! fortune favours the bold so hang in there and try to open the doors of possibilities for yourself.

Most of the people get so much in life like possibilities and opportunities but most of them are not ready to take them because they don’t bother to improve themselves or they think they’re what they are, they don’t need any improvement so they waste the opportunities and let them go.

REMEMBER! Open doors will always not be opened for you.
If you’ve been given a chance to do something, take a step, go forward and avail that. If you don’t take it, someone else will have it because one man’s loss is another man’s gain but if you keep practicing this, you will start losing the interest and passion, zeal in everything and you’ll remain empty handed.

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Some tips to follow.

Make a Positive Mindset

Positive thinking liberates you and make you free from your own ill thoughts, when you develop a habit to look towards the positive side of image, you’ll get freedom from all the negative thoughts because they are nothing but the corruption of your mind, which will gradually pollute your emotions, behavior, attitude and personality.

The sentences you should ignore in your daily life:

  • I’m not capable of doing this.
  • No, I’m not good enough for this.
  • This seems impossible.
  • I’m afraid of this.
  • These corrupt thoughts compel you to think in a specific manner and stop you to become more broader to think.
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Build your skills

Buoyant thinking empowers you to think upon your skills, each one of us is gifted with amazing skills and talents, which are not known to us at early stages but when you start exploring them and working upon your hidden raw talent and skills they’ll come out as a tremendous talent, which will give you enough confidence and urge you to move and look forward and this will be an instinctive process.

  • Explore
  • Work
  • Refine
  • Shine
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Most of the people have a habit of self-talk, they repeat the incidents happen in their lives, the process of question, answers, self-blaming and complaints never end but THINK what if they change all these to the positive thoughts, surely they’ll have worthwhile outcome.

Things to do on your daily basis:

  • Appreciate yourself daily.
  • Be nice to yourself.
  • Stop blaming yourself for your past.
  • Start working upon your future.
  • Use satisfactory and solace words for yourself.
  • Always keep high-minded morals.
  • Set your limits that must be known to everyone.
  • Don’t compromise on your goals.

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  1. Good effort…keep it up 👍
    We Are what we repeatedly do.Excellence then is not an act, but an habit….
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  2. such a nice article motivating and it gives strength to compete with ourselves go ahead girl❤❤❤💖May ALLAH ALMIGHTY bless your hands💕💝

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