You have been doing these 4 work-outs completely wrong!

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1. Stretching is crucial for every workout

Stretching or warm up is very crucial for every kind of workout. This seems to be very general advice but basic warm up exercises may include basic squats , Jumping jacks , Lunges , push-ups, and jogging.

Our body is smartly designed mechanism that will attune itself before the preparation. The first part of your exercise will immediately warm up your muscles but don’t get carried away by lifting heavy weights or pulling strong Bella exercises. The stretched muscles looks better than the un-stretched because in a body of untrained person every muscle has a tendency to squeeze half of its size thus it has more blood flowing enabling you lift more weights with extra repetition and ligaments in joints of the bones enables one’s muscles to relax while other is being used .

2. Running is the best way to lose weight and for the warm-up.

Running is basically included in the cardio training enabling you gain more stamina and lose some fat but basically it boosts up the heart beats enabling body to utilizes the main nutrients to provide sufficient energy to the running. Unlike other exercises the running should be scheduled according to the age group like old age people have issues waking up early in the morning because of natural spiking in blood pressure or having diabetes and that might effect the body rather than helping it so running is important at a time when you are comfortable or is motivated to achieve better results. More over excessive running might help in losing some calories but Nordic walking help’s in losing excessive fat because more than 80% of muscles are engaged in this type of phenomena and running with intervals provide’s three times better result than consecutive running for the same period of time. In case if you are gaining muscles then don’t lose much fat in running because good fat aids muscle to get more bulkier and also helps when you are shredding the fat to convert it into muscle’s.

3. Improving Diet

Durning workout diet chart is the most important table to remember and to follow because the harder you train or perform excessive exercises the more time body takes to recover and gain the important nutrients it just lost in building strength. Our body burns any available calories first and then it starts burning fat so the diet consumed should include those nutrient which are mainly demanded by the body such as body builder diet mainly includes protein, carbohydrates and less fatty cuisines because they need immense amount of energy durning workout. so this means that every calario you take in must be burned in the time other wise it might be converted into bad fat making your body look even fatter than bulkier.

4. The more more weight you lift the more muscles you gain.

In reality lifting more weight is not the key to success in-fact it will do more pain rather than doing any good because the key is hidden in another theory which is to lower the weight and increase the repetitions . like it is said slow and study wins the race. So having lesser weight with more repetitions doesn’t pumps or exhaustes the muscle making it easier to sweat more with eventually leads to burn more calories .

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Let us know if you’re one of those making the same mistakes below in the comments.


  1. I read this and it changed my life. I showed it to my friends and they say it changed their life as well. My neighbour came over and i showed him your blog and he is now very grateful because it also changed his life. Thank you so much for sharing something so wonderful. I pray to God that it also changes your life.

  2. Bhai kia khoobsorat baatein ki hain apne .dil garden garden hogiya humara wese picture me fitness kijagah food freak zyada lag rhe.

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