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Youth is the period of life between childhood and old age. But there are different interpretations of this word. Some people are of the opinion that youth excludes both the middle-age and adolescence . Such people limit the word youth only to a period 20 to 35 years of age. They hold that one has the qualities of young man only during this period. There are others who says that youth is not merely this short period of 15 years out of total life of man, but that , it last for almost 30 years -from 15 to 45 years of age. Such people include the time of adolescence and middle age to in youth. Thus for the purpose of discussion here we are using the word “youth” of the period from 20 to 40 years of age of man’s life .

By the term “strain and stress” we mean the zeal and enthusiasm which one exhibits during the period of youth. Strain does not here mean the outside storm but the storm inside man’s mind. This storm can be of various type. It can be storm of instinctive activities or physical and mental capabilities. The word “stress” means the strain which a person has to undergo in this period of life. Youth no doubt , is a period of strain and stress. it is in this period that man’s mental and physical abilities are at full swing. At this time a man is quite strong and tough. He can work at a stretch for a long time. It is at this age of life that a man can perform great deeds.


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In youth , side by side by side with his physical powers, man’s mental capabilities too are sharp and bright to the highest degree. All the work of discoveries and inventions was done by great scientist during this very period of strain and stress. There are various reason why a man cab be a much use in this period. Looking into a matter physiologically, we see that the circulation of blood and respiration are faster in youth than at other stages. Due to this reason there is an extraordinary force and energy in every young man. It creates enthusiasm and zeal, the landmarks of youth. It is due to this basic reason that many great things are achieved by man during this period.


In the field of scientific research too we can see that young people have always contributed far more to the treasure of science than older scientists could. Every scientist gave more knowledge to the world in his youth than be could in is old age. Einstein presented his famous ‘Theory of Relativity’ during his youth. But when he became famous due to this theory and grew older, he did not present equally new ideas .In the history of literature too we find people like Keats, Shelley, Byron, Marlow and Akhtar Shirani who gave much more to literature in their youth then many of their predecessors could, with a longer life.

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