3 Warfare COVID-19 Initiated

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A war is a word associated with catastrophe and turmoil. It has never brought good to anyone. Even the winner has to bear the consequences. If you have witness the traces of history, you would have gone through the sort of massive weapons required in order to let down other party and the intentional practice of taking lives and destroying the surroundings through armaments.


In 21st century, a new war phase has evolved and its patterns are quite different from the conventional ones. COVID-19 is a global pandemic which began with contagious infection of coronavirus. It isn’t as big as massive equipment but it is powerful enough to bring the whole world on knees. It has led to three war zones which people have not seen before.

Germ/Biological Warfare

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Wars have always been a greatest way for countries to exhibit their potential and to stand against each other. Coronavirus is an epidemic which has initiated biological warfare. It is one of the only wars that requires the countries to stand hand in hand with each other in order to restore global health and economy. But the nations which consider their national interest supreme and have indulged in competition rather than collaboration find it difficult to reunite and find a global solution for the prevailing issue. But we all have heard

Here lies a deep and shattering concern whether the countries will continue to suffer individually or will superpowers put their ego and blaming game on one side to deal with the crisis on the other side that would otherwise end in huge sabotage.

Health and Wealth Warfare

The inception of new virus gave birth to a question that whether money is more important or the lives of people? There is an ongoing battle whether overall lockdown should be imposed to ensure protection or some ease should be provided to keep the economy going and also to let the daily wagers earn. As a matter of the fact, if destitute do not die from coronavirus they will die from poverty. It’s a perplexing and daunting situation where making choices is quite hard.

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Cautious Human Warfare

This is the only war situation where atmospheres have become healthier as a temporary full stop has been put to pollution by restricting people to their houses. It is more of a safety war which pushes humans to take their health seriously and abide by measures like washing hands, keeping yourself clean that should have enabled long before this situation.

Coronavirus is resulting in super conscious human beings. When someone steps out of their premises even for some essential task, they suffer from internal fear that they might get infected and the remorse that they might become a source of coronavirus carrier and infect others. After this all finishes, some of the individuals will still suffer from trauma and will continue to maintain distance with others due to the adverse effects coronavirus will leave on their minds.

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The situation is quite alarming but all of you should try your best to keep your mental health stable by keeping in touch with your loved ones and keeping yourself busy with creative activities. Miracles occur as nothing is impossible in this world of possibilities. We all are waiting for that unexpected to happen. May this epidemic end soon!


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