DIY How i earn big online, and you can too!

How i earn big online, and you can too!

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Today everyone is searching for high paying jobs, and it will be more comfortable for every individual if he/she can work online or at home.


So I have discussed briefly some of the high paying jobs that will help you to work from home.

High Paying Jobs

Job#1 Translation

It’s better to translate from English into another language because this is what most in demand.

When you’re on a hunt for a great looking job, Upwork is the best platform to for in, you can check what people are charging for Spanish to English Translation or other languages, and you can find a task that is worth $500 to $1000.

Imagine if you’re living in a developing country, what you earn online will be huge because of the high conversion rates.

Job#2 Landing Page Designer

There are so many small businesses out there on the web and so many tools to create a landing page


And you wont even need to code, instead, you have to drag and drop things. This is coming from a person who has created so many Landing pages.

Initially, it may take about 2 hours or more than that, depending upon how much effort and struggle you put effort. But when you’re experienced, you can do it in 30 minutes.

Similarly if you’re looking to see how much people charge for a lanidng page, visit, and checkout what people are offering.

Job#3 Copy Writing

If you love content writing, then Copy writing is the perfect job for you. Almost every business is now in need of a Copy writing services.

As content is King, and it is basically how you educate others. There is a good demand for huge content for different websites in different languages.

One of the examples is Instagram bloggers, there when you post a picture, and you have to give content like you have to provide good text.

Companies are consistently looking for copywriters and Instagram bloggers, but not every one has the skill.

Job#4 Video Editing

Software like iMovie and different others are the most common video editing tools. You can learn these to start your video editing career.

These softwares are very non technical and easy to learn and there’s a guide as well provided for beginners.

A professional video company charges about $15000 per video. If you want some money online you can assist people in editing their videos for Youtube a minimal charge, you can charge upto $15,$20 an hour.

It takes 5 to 6 hours to edit a video so its all possible by creating a portfolio in Upwork and start your work there.

I will suggest one thing that the most important is. It doesn’t matter which job you are looking at, start with creating a portfolio on some of the websites.

You can also do some tasks free, just for taking a review so that you can get a five-star rating or 3,4 of them so Organic order will start coming in.

Some of the software for video editing that I advise you are

  • “I Movie.”

These software are being used by Youtubers a lot.

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