Motivation 6 Types of people to stay away from

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6 Types of people to stay away from

Not every person worth being friends with. People are people. They are not all angels or devils. They are kind of mixture, but their behavior totally depends on the relationship type with you. An enemy is always bad, and a friend is always an angel for you; that’s not true. Any stranger can be the greatest motivator for you and your lovely best friend can ditch you in the most surprising way. Agree? Then read along with me. Disagree? Just go through the headings for a moment to judge your social circle.

Here is a list of habits which are owned by dangerous people whom you must avoid getting close with and maintain a self distance. It is better to be in a good company than to be alone and it is better to be alone than to be in a bad company. A rotting apple can spoil the whole bunch; very quickly if kept very close. The list does not ask you to be just alone, but to judge your social circle once critically.

Criticize your looks

–These people have a superficial and materialistic approach towards life. You are fat, zero-size, black, tan, tall; it is none of their problems. But criticizing someone due to his/her looks is definitely a big mental problem.

Mock your performing ability

–Performance and efficiency are defined by input and output. Therefore, if you listen to discouraging people mocking your abilities; you may lose your consistency. If you can’t avoid them, try to hide your inputs from them. Good for you!

Injure your self-respect

–These people actually never love themselves rather they love to be loved by others. It is hard for them to respect you and your choices. They lack empathy and acceptance in their personality. All introverts! Stay away from these.

Reject your individuality

–They compare you from some other person in their life who is very dear to them. They themselves have very weak personality and try to copy the people whom they idealize in a very insane way, also forcing you to become like their ideals. Watch out if you have them on your list.

Depreciate your every accomplishment

–These are jealous people. They are always harmful, as they wish you harm secretly. They don’t deserve your attention.

Back biter

–The one who talks bad about others is the one who will talk bad about you in front of others. Filter your friend list today!

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