A World Without Books?

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Some students who have burden of studies would think that a world without books is wonderful but in real life to imagine a world without books is to imagine a world without thought, feeling, compassion, history or voice.

There is a question. What will the world be like without books?

The question is very depressing. There was a threat that the latest technology would collapse the books. A long time ago, there was thinking that the radio would replace books. The fear has continued throughout with the inventions of television and Internet. Books are themselves a form of technology that is spread over the pages and makes us spread into the complexities of life.

world without books

Better than Radio,TV and Internet:

I can justify that books are better than radio,TV and internet by the following points:

  • We can read a book wherever we want.
  • We can read a book of our own choice.
  • Book reading is a pleasurable, private activity.
  • When we are sad,we can take the shelter of the books.

A book connects the reader and the writer in a way when a reader reads a book . He starts comprehending the feelings,emotions and ideas of the writer.

A book becomes bridge between the reader and writer .The reader directly inspires by the thought expressed by the writer.

THE MORE that you read the more things you will know.

People should read books. In this way, they may be able to develop their cognitive skills. They may become more efficient and better prepare to face the world as compared to those who don’t read. Reading helps the people to sharp their minds and make their vision broad.

It’s slow food in a world given over fast food:

As nourishment for the mind, it is slow food in a world given over to fast food. Writing a book is a time consuming activity. A writer takes a lot of time to create a book while reading a book for reader is a fast food. A reader can quickly comprehend the book as compared to a writer who passes many sleepless nights in order to compile a book

Reading provides the deepest form of connection to the morals that make us human, and part of a large society. Books are a source of comfort for us. They are a safe shelter. Books are bridges – through their pages we make our contact with the society. Reading a book connects us with humanity.

world without books

Books offer other types of pleasure as well. The joy of their touch,sound and fragrance is immeasurable. The pleasure of understanding is an addition to.The sharing of a book with friends is still another form of joy. Libraries are the evidence of grandeur of a civilisation.

It is important that we work to give person the opportunity to enjoy books as shelters,sustenance,and roads forward.

Allah Almighty has also sent four different books for the guidance of humanity. We should read books and also try to donate books among our society.

He that loves reading has everything within his hand.


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