Entertainment Ameba TV Re-Imagines "Jasper's Giant Imagination"

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Ameba TV Re-Imagines “Jasper’s Giant Imagination”

Coming To Video!

Ameba TV is taking “Jasper’s Giant Imagination” book series to video.

That’s right.  Rated five-stars on Amazon, Jasper and his friends will be entertaining kids in a whole new way. 

Created in the classroom by a preschool teacher and mother of five, “Jasper’s Giant Imagination” makes children giggle while educating them to the common complexities of growing up — losing teeth, getting sick, using technology healthily as well as safely, and more. 

“Listening to parents first-hand” and supporting their needs just as much as their children’s, this soon-to-be video series couldn’t come fast enough.  Like one reviewer stated about his three year-old daughter, “She makes me read your books constantly and won’t put them down.”  Seems to be a common reaction.

Dr. Randy Kulman, LearningWorks For Kids, put it this way with regards to the book “My Laptop Was Lonely” – 

“Laura Wellington’s My Laptop was Lonely is a fun, imaginative story for younger children about how to separate from screens. While the story is simple, the message is powerful. The solution is funny and one that will work with younger children. As a child psychologist, I will suggest this book to the parents of young children who are concerned that their kids are already too attached to their screen time.

Perhaps the best part of the book is the section for parents where Laura answers a number of questions about the importance of children’s play. She guides parents and educators to understand that screen time is not inherently bad for kids. Instead, she describes how other forms of play, particularly those that involve physical activity, creativity, social development, and problem-solving skills are vital. Your kids will enjoy the book and the clear insights that it offers will be of great value to parents.” 

When I wrote “Jasper’s Giant Imagination” (4RV Publishing), my goal was to create each story and address each topic through children’s eyes, underscored with a ton of laughter.  “Laughter” has always been the best medicine and most effective stress reliever for kids.  I know the current trend is to integrate methods such as meditation or employing a rather heavy-handed approach to kids’ issues when it comes to their entertainment, but that is a very ADULT way of viewing children’s entertainment.  Kids will never be adults and “laughter” will never be de-throned from the top spot when it comes to helping them cope during difficult or frightening times. That will remain true, whether yesterday, today or tomorrow, mark my words.  Speaking specifically of today, children need to laugh more than ever.

With like mission statements, Ameba TV and Jasper’s Giant Imagination seemed like the perfect fit:

Ameba is a children’s video streaming service that is full of active, engaging and intelligent programming.

Our kids TV shows and kids music videos are designed to spark children’s curiosity, empower them to explore, and develop skills that will help them with school and prepare them for life.”

I urge you to keep an eye out for the series on Ameba TV.  It will keep you from having to read the actual books incessantly like so many other parents have had to do.  And to all those parents caught between now and then with a youngster screaming “Again. Again!”….I apologize.

Help is on the way!

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