Covid19 Covid-19 and its global impacts

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Covid-19 and its global impacts


Balance, if dusturbed, can cause catastrophic changes in the world. When balance of population gets disturbed, the rule of natural selection is applied according to which the nature selects the people which are fit and compatible to their environment. In order to keep such balances, natural disasters come and go time to time.


The infection from SARS-CoV-2 strain is now termed as Covid-19 by WHO due to the discovery of ” corona virus disease in December 2019 “. It was first diagnosed in Wuhan, China and has been detected in more than 190 countries including all American states.The novel strain of corona virus is linked to the previously known strains of Corona family like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). The Covid-19 pandemic is known due to the global spread of this virus. This virus can cause illnesses from common cold to severe fever. In some severe cases it can lead to pneumonia , kidney failure and even death but its fatality rate is only 2% as compared to the fatality rates of SARS and MERS.
According to the report of 21 May 2020, the number of confirmed cases affected with corona virus is 48,091, the recovered cases are 14,155 and the deaths are 1,017.


●The sectors of life will not go unscathed after being flowed with Covid-19. We need to develop new ways of learning, operation , evaluation and communication until the condition rescinded.

●Human beings are struggling to keep them afloat. Where the lockdown is a great preventive measure for our survival , at the same time humans are standing at the edge of hell destruction.

■It is a source of unemployment resulting in increased level of poverty especially in underdeveloped countries. Even economies of the super powers are at the verge of collapse. The economic crises will burden our societies for many coming years.

■The agricultural and mining sectors of various countries have created distortion in their economies.

■The travelling businesses are coming to an abrupt halt globally. The countries dependent on tourism have been severely affected.

■Social boycotts are causing depressions. Although it is building spiritual relations among family members due to their close proximity, at the same time, human behaviors are getting worse due to the quarantine situation.

■The fear deposited in minds have transformed the man from lion to Jackals. In populous areas people are living in apartments consisting of a room or two. They can’t segregate themselves from their relations that are proving to be a disguise in blessings.

■A sudden switch from traditional mode to online system of academia has affected the productivity of research students due to limited access of lab work. However, the school closures have affected about 1.5 billion students worldwide.

■A decline in industrial activities has reduced the use of energy resources which has greatly affected renewable energy producers all over the world.

■Above all the benefits from Covid-19 includes improvement in air quality, reduction of noise pollution, reduced emission of green house gasses and most importantly the reduction in ozone layer disaster.


In short , Covid-19 may lead to a huge shift in our life style and standards of living. We have to change our mindsets to become adapted to the new environment. We have to reduce personal contacts rather than professional outputs. However, our future can be predicted by how the government and society responds to the current situation, what type of preventive measures are adopted by them and how long the crisis will last.

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