Corona Virus: Shaking Hand or Resisting?

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Meeting your loved ones with lovely greetings, tight handshakes and warm hugs is a part of everybody’s daily lifestyle. BUT now it has become a dream and there has been a drastic shift in such welcoming behaviors as COVID 19 has hit hard the entire world. Change is difficult to absorb in the beginning no matter what and it requires time but this pandemic was a quick one and actions had to be taken at a fast pace to curb the spread of the virus. The sudden coming of this cold wave required people to show sensible attitudes towards no hand shaking measures as the virus is contagious in nature and can spread through touch and respiratory droplets.

We experience a paradoxical situation in which we have two types of audiences. Serious ones and easy going ones. The serious ones are understanding the complexity of the virus and respecting the precautionary measures for the betterment of all humanity. But we all know someone around us who is showing little concern towards the current circumstances. Along with this, they also become a hindrance in the way of people who are trying to implement the safety measures.

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I experienced the same thing. I followed instructions seriously and apologetically resisted shaking hands with anyone who initiated it but it is not easy as it sounds as some of the people react naively towards it. One of my uncles upon me resisting his handshake said: “Apnon ka pata hota hai wo saaf rehtey hain apnon se nae hota (you know your loved ones, they keep themselves clean and you can’t get this virus from your loved ones).”

It sounded quite bizarre to me and I am sure its the same for you. Actually the problem lies with the mindset of people who are not realizing that coronavirus is not concerned if you are a stranger, friend, family member or loved one.


We all need to exhibit mature attitudes towards the provided instructions such as no handshaking, no hugs, wearing masks, washing hands repeatedly, using a cloth for coughing and maintaining a good two meter distance rather than getting offended and behaving insensibly towards theses preventions. These precautionary measures are pivotal in order to contain the spread of virus and to save the lives of humanity as this virus is like a flame which spreads if matchsticks collide with each other.

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Stay safe and stay healthy everybody!! May we get over this pandemic soon.

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