Deep Note – It is the Little things that Heart Craves the Most!

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All of us have different version of ourselves. One which demonstrates the calm, happy and robust outlook for the strangers and people who aren’t close enough. The other which is concerned with the happiness of people around and brings a grin on their face. While there is a third side which remains unveiled as it is more subtle form which sometimes experience the esoteric void and emptiness. It craves love and affection of others. Deep down it hides the silent hill of pain and grief and is unable to find absolute relieve.

We as human beings always stand at some point in our life where we are left alone to ponder what matters most in life. In solitude, the air whispers and sings a soothing song:

“It is the gentle breeze that flows free utmost,

It is its profound touch that calms the soul,

It is the soothing peace that matters the most,

It is the little things that heart craves the most.”

The body shouts out loud and yearn for a solace filled soul or warm aura of a dearer friend or a tight hug from a loved one or a long intense conversation with someone who understands without judgement. The inner self always wishes for things which are beyond the greed of temporary things. It craves for touch of peace and calmness which is eternal. Life has to end one day but what we want from it while we are still alive matters. Unfortunately, we are mislead by the delusion that it is money which can buy ultimate happiness and even it can lead us to splendid life.

Alas! What we see can be an illusion and can deceive us to this belief. We can spend our whole life running blindly behind money making and if unluckily we get too much lost in this voyage leaving every valuable thing behind then every part of our soul will cry in hollowness for it loses the fulfilment of its precious desire. At the end of our journey, we realize it is our connection with real relationships that matters most, peace and inner happiness that speak volumes and little things that count most.

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