Psychology Do You Have what's known as the Right Attitude?

Do You Have what’s known as the Right Attitude?

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Attitude is the most eminent component when it comes to dealing life. So let’s make me clear what attitude actually is. Attitude is the “mental window through which we view the world”. This window shapes our actions as our attitudes reflect in our behavior. Our thoughts are dominant enough to affect the life we live. The research says if individuals are shown half glass of water, they will come up with different answers. Few people with optimistic approach will label it as “half full glass of water” while the pessimistic ones will say “half empty glass of water”.

Have you fancied why this difference exists. This happens because of attitude. 

On initial level, our attitude is shaped by our immediate families, circumstances, experiences and society at large. It often gets filthy if we adopt negative approach towards life, get affected by negative situations that we have experienced and began to feel each and everything as a burden rather than a blessing. But this does not mean that our whole existence has to suffer from the past experiences and negative mindset. The key to attitude is in our hands.

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With the right attitude, we can attract positive things. It isn’t impossible to achieve. Of course nothing is impossible if we have the required passion and compassion for it. So the question arises, what right attitude demands?

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First of all right attitude demands “gratitude”. One should be contented and thankful for what we already have rather than complaining for not possessing a certain thing or regretting for things happened in past or a loss that we have endured at a certain point in life. Don’t be a prisoner of your past. Let go of what has happened as holding those things for too long within your mind will lead you towards negative attitude. Learn to live in present and adore it the way it is because things in the past happened for a reason and we are unaware of the wisdom behind it. Every morning you wake up say this to yourself “God has blessed me with so much. I am blessed. Alhumdulillah” Along, with this smile often and try to find happiness in the small things. This will help you to develop gratitude.

The other thing is “positive mindset”. Every person wants to improve themselves and want their dreams to turn into reality. The right attitude comes when you are positive, believe in yourself. Repeat these statements to yourself daily “I will do it” and “There is nothing I cannot achieve”. Doing so will keep your spirit high and will keep you going.

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Life has a wonderful way of showering us with blessings we struggle for either late or early but God knows when it’s the right time. So don’t get discouraged with the timings. Be determined and wait with patience.

Never let your confidence go down with the bad happenings of life instead take them as lessons that are crucial in one’s growth. Life is a bumpy road with ups and downs but never let the tribulations affect you to such an extent that they destroy the real empowered, resilient and positive attitude person you are. Much power to you!!

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