Psychology Expectation Vs Reality

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Expectation Vs Reality

Today’s love demands the fulfillment of every test. To be complete. To give full support of one person to another person at every turn, to be present. To understand this may not be enough for today’s man, or to make him realize this. If there is anyone who is perfect, then he is only God.

With the growing desires of man, the hopes of the people around him also increase, with the growing strong relationships. But we have forgotten that man is not perfect, every man has many more relationships with himself and here When it comes to the importance of importance. The person you are hoping for will help you in this difficult time, he will understand you because of the other more important relationships with you at that time. Don’t know

You are broken when hopes are shattered. Why can’t a human being be with you every moment, then how to be broken?

The broken man is where the feeling is paired. Will he break? Who will be disappointed? From the world? Who is responsible for your safety, you forget? Yes, God!

Then why did you break it and why didn’t you handle it already?

That is why you, with a broken heart and forced circumstances in front of whom you thought of reaching out, what you did. So what did you find?

Despair, despair, despair, helplessness, I have the last hope, I will listen to you at the end and I will help you because I am far from the cycle of importance, for me you are equal to everyone else.

God says: And you know what the difference is between me and other helpers, I know the state of your heart, the helplessness of every corner of your heart shows me clearly. You are disappointed with the love of the world. But I am your protector. The one who loves you, not the one who seduces you, but the one who embraces you. This difficult time was a mirror for you with all the hopes you had for the world, so you saw it all. See how I make a living for you.

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Sometimes u make choices in life ,sometimes choices make u, sometimes we should do our very best and never give up.

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