Reading Hope Lanterns

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Hope Lanterns

Sun is the center of universe, common sense says that now. But somewhere in the middle of sixteenth century, mankind put a man on trail for clearing the false notion that sun revolves around the earth. He was Galileo, he provided a correct idea that earth revolves around sun. His idea contradicted the Church teachings. So he was trailed and got died. The candle of truth was forced to blew up.

We are a small contribution as Earth residents in this huge universe. Albeit its a small place but I am sure that it is the most complicated one. Thing that is keeping this place alive is HOPE. Its soul lies in light of hope. Only those survive who keep their hope in a lantern and make that lantern fly high and high.

And those who locked their hopes in a casket, find their place somewhere in AOKIGAHARA. Once it was very beautiful green forest but people with no hope converted this place into a haunted deadly forest.

Can you image behind these celebrations..
Behind these winsome faces…
Behind these laughs…
Behind these cherished moments…

There is a dark and very dark forest exists. Hope is a tough signal, there cannot reach even a beam of sun light. Its dense, and thick trees invite people in despair to come over. This forest is a popular suicide site in Japan.

People seeing no hope around them, enter the forest with a white string, like if they change their mind, this string will show them a way back from deadly forest. A network of white strings which were never rolled back, mourn on the deaths of their owners. They take their own life by lying in the lap of a tree. Japan’s government is helping its people by placing signs at forest entry. They urge people to seek help and re-think about their decision.

It is very heart wrecking that how in this world of 7.8 billion people,

We can’t find individuals to talk…
We can’t find listeners to hear…
We have ears to hear people’s sorrow…
We have tongues to console people…
We have eyes to see people’s difficulties…
We have hands to pull people out from their inside darkness…
We have shoulders to allow people’s head on them…
But still we are losing a man, a man of our earth in every 40 seconds.
Suicide capital;
As Switzerland is one of the most happiest nation in Europe, has highest suicide rate in Europe also. A fully developed country with high standards of living. Such a country assists its people by suicidal clinics legally.

When you legal a thing, you encourage it.
Just look around, and try to see pains behind smiles.
Try to know the real griefs behind fabricated happy stories.

I’ve learned a lesson from my life, when ever you get a happy moment, just enjoy every bit of it. Don’t wait for a happy ending, because Happiness is a journey not a destination.
Light your HOPE lanterns wherever you go

You must be sure that at least you are playing your role in a society perfectly. That role may be played by a,

Soft gesture

or by a Sweet smile

or by a pat on back

or by some Consoling words

or by Forgiving

or by not allowing nourishment of hate seeds.

Be Kind…you are supposed to be a Noble addition among 7.8 Billion people.

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