Psychology Personality How Strong Is Your Personality Inspect It Now

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How Strong Is Your Personality Inspect It Now

Every day we talk about the personalities of people who are around us.Well, we spend a great deal of time to assess the personalities of others.So what exactly is personality?According to Raymond B Cattell “That which permits a prediction of what a person will do in a given situation”Another by Funder “Personality refers to individuals characteristics pattern of thought,emotion,behaviour,together with the psychological mechanisms hidden or not behind those pattern”

The behaviour,emotion  and the pattern of thoughts play a significant role in formation of personality.It mould us to act in a certain situation.It displayed in many ways like close relationships,feelings,seen in our thoughts and other social interactions.

Attributes of a strong personality

  • Self confidence

Confidence starts when you accept yourself in terms of how you look, where you born, how the money you possess everything that surrounds you. Confident people make their own rules and follow them at the end they take responsibility for their actions. Confident people acquire more than those who doubt themselves.

According to reports self confident people earn more and reach the success faster.Confident people don’t bother what other people think of them and they don’t need their approval in any matter.The best way to feel confident is by understanding yourself and giving respect to yourself and having exercise everyday.

  • Capability to say “NO”

When you are not able to say no it speaks low self-esteem. Saying no is the capability of a leader. Strong people know that it’s not always easy to help them and there is nothing frightening about being disapproved a request, they know it will also help to get rid of freeloaded people, people who are just using you.

According to Sharon E.Rainey  “No is a complete sentence. It does not require an explanation to follow. You can truly answer someone’s request with a simple no.”

  • Good sense of Humor

Humor is the best way to tackle sadness,depression and anxiety.It elates the mood of the listeners.People having this trait attract people and people love in their company.Humourists always look at the bright side of the things.Good sense of humor has higher place in one’s  personality.This capability make a person more efficient in leadership.

  • Helping others and Integrity

Everyone loves a person who is motivating and pick us up when we are down. It is one of the most captivating quality you can amalgamate into your personality. A strong personality feels delighted to help others.

Integrity is based on a character. Integrity is the outcome of a pure heart. It involves the reliability, honesty and a portion of sincerity. A person who is living a life with moral values is a person truly living a life of integrity.

  • Power to control body gestures

Gestures speak a lot about a person’s personality. Self-control allows an individual to tackle emotions and behaviour which provide a path to acquire goals. To have this ability you have to be determined and understand your emotions along with maintaining inner peace. The best gestures, used by strong people naturally provide support to words which make easy for listeners to understand.

  • Hardworking

People with a strong personality are truly determined to their work. They never give up easily. They cope with arising problems and don’t blame others for it, they implement the right solutions on time. They take initiative as they are committed to improve and have the desire to getting better. To conclude: they are a proactive person.

These are the traits that strong personality individual’s do have if you have these traits “Congrats” but if you are lacking any of them there is no need to worry personality attributes can adopt any time in life, as we have the ability to shape our personalities.

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