Human marriage with robots; How?

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Human beings will be able to marry robots by 2050, and legally. You heard it right! That’s only thirty years away.

Fifth generation of computers has come a long way ahead than merely being a game of Artificial Intelligence. AI has collaborated with Machine Learning, Conscious Language Intelligence (CLI) as well as Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques and Deep Learning. Production of virtual assistants like Siri and the unwanted chat-bots that pop-up on our browsers are not the only fancy services in the world. Have you ever known any other talking-robot than Sophia? Well, I did not.

Source Image: @lilmiquela (Instagram)
Bella Hadid and Lil Miquela for a Calvin Klein ad.
Source Image: Harper’s Bazaar

AI humanoid robots, in their most alive and capable ways stormed the internet in 2016. Who knew robots could sing, preach, motivate and show love, Lil Miquela is one of the bot-civilization. Programmed to be a 19-year old music aspirer who had moved to Los Angeles with instilled childhood memories is a virtual influencer through Instagram and YouTube. Created by the company Brud in affiliation with Cain Intelligence has given her a Brazilian-American ethnicity. She writes her songs, sings them, appears with human celebutantes and collaborates with high-end clothing brands.

Source Image: @lilmiquela (Instagram)

Her identity was dodged initially and for two years’ world had remained perplexed as if she was a disguised girl than a robot. After her confession in 2018, it was obvious that she was a magma of technology. Striking aspect of her interface is that she appears to understand abstract concepts of love, dignity, right of opinion and much more. Her sense of attraction and respect can be accessed in a broken relationship with her ex-human boyfriend Nick whereas her ability to comprehend pride and astonishment is revealed when she talks about working with superstars from back home as well as Hollywood. So, what is her purpose of development?

She has been identified as a change seeking influencer who stands up for causes like “Black Lives Matter” and donates college fee to struggling students. Her intentions have been expressed as to spread love and hail women empowerment. The songs she collaborates on center around lessons from relationships. Additionally, her interviews had come as of a shock to the world where she was betrayed and sad. First of all, a robot can “feel”? What’s bizarre is whom did she feel betrayed by? The answer is, her own creator, Brud.

Brud is comprised of graphic designers, writers and engineers who specialize in robotics and artificial intelligence (their website in the name of a Google document is strange). A big name among Miquela’s creators is of Trevor McFedries who explicated in an interview that the robot was supposed to support minorities and elevate the issue of their social rights. But Lil Miquela shed a brighter light on her betrayal in a radio interview of Zach Sang Show, her production was initially aimed to assist terminally-ill children but later on she was about to be sold off as a sex-robot to Illuminati. Yeah, that’s what she told the world and she was not kidding. Her birth, ethnicity and desires were all implanted in her memory but she believes that her way of life was solely her decision. She was disgusted when she came to know that she could have been sold as a product in a high-bidding market. Ultimately, her creator Trevor stood up for her and made it clear that she as a humanoid robot deserved a better chance at life. Did you anywhere in the last paragraph get doubtful that if a robot can go against its own creator what more powerful ventures could they set themselves on if equipped with more efficient self-learning algorithms in future?

From (left to right): Shudu, Immi and Liam
Source Images: @shudu.gram, @imma.gram, @liam_nikuro

Miquela has more robots like her. Shudu, Imma and Liam are some faces of the bot-civilization. These fashion bloggers and models have partnerships with brands all over the world. Since forever, these robots had to aid for the inabilities of manpower (because of their natural extent) like Ocean One was a robot who could reach coral reefs and collect data for research. But, trending humanoid robots seem to dwell with human population. As Miquela says to Zach, “Stop being so afraid” she literally talked about co-existing with us.

Marching towards that goal, these colorful-robots have reached many lives in personal ways and have paved a new era of a global merger. Though many questions of morality, religious boundaries and sanctity of human bond arise here. Will process of human birth be cloned artificially? Human beings have merits and demerits so should we discard our own breed from work and hire robots because they will abide by? Should parents find it normal for kids to scream at Siri or Alexa even if they might not acquire the equipment for empathetic connection and respect for others? (Illustrated by Sherry Turkle, MIT expert on technology and society) On a personal note, for now I see a mechanic world in future where human population has become oppressed in the reign of robots and human beings who have transformed into being robotic as well. Where we would ache to find human love and to know a heart pounds in someone’s chest. Would we end up on a conveyor belt? Anyhow, our generation is just witnessing a beginning.


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