Let the Kindness in- learn to say Thank You!

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Gratitude;  a gesture that we always expects from others and hesitates to offer when it’s our turn. I often think that why we are so ungrateful as a society? Why don’t we bother to say “Thank you” for little favors? Why don’t we show “gratitude” towards the people who have been kind to us? Why only few of us are supposed to say “Thank you” every time and others are supposed to take it for granted?

By observing the behavior of the people around I realized one of the reasons, that, some of us, in fact majority of us have been brought up in the environment where the elders think that, if the children are doing something for them, is their right. No doubt being elders you deserve respect and obedience and our children owe their obedience to their elders. 

But what if we start thanking our children for their little help, what if we start saying “Jazak Allah” to our siblings for fetching a glass of water for us, for switching on the light, for turning off the tap, for getting our favorite snacks and hundreds and thousands of little favors they give to us, most of the times without even mentioning,until and unless they realize that they have been taken for granted.

These words of gratitude will not make us smaller neither we will become less respectful. In fact these gestures of gratitude will encourage them and make them happy and positive and will fuel them to do more positive and to be a good positive member of society who will show gratefulness whenever they will be helped emotionally, physically. And will not take that favor for granted, which in turn would eliminate at least one negative factor of “Ungratefulness” from our society. 

I think this is the time when we should let the KINDNESS in. We should learn how to be grateful not only towards our fellows and society but towards our children too. So that we can have a society of great,positive people ahead.


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