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Make 2 Changes & Reduce Digital Stress

We all know how it's so rude to see a loved one busy on their phone during lunch

There are total 26.6 Billion connected devices in the world. With present rate of digitization our dependency on technology will only grow. Experts estimate that number of connected devices will increase by 4.6 billion in coming ten years and I believe this will result in grave explosion of social media population. As every story has two sides, similarly every technology has its merits and demerits. I will focus on the negative impact of social media creating digital stress and also review few lifestyle changes for a healthier life.

I was reading an article a few days ago whose authors, Dr. Harrison and Dr. Lucassen suggested in one of their article to make strict rules against social media’s usage. Moreover, they have significantly shed light about distancing one’s self from their gadgets. The provided solution has been based on extremely simple and realistic approaches. Techniques such as discontinuing internet consumption or setting your phone silent at night are the easiest to carry out, but decisiveness and strong drive is required to act on these problem solving ways.

Your friends and family deserve you:

It is a matter of realization and priority setting when it comes to de-cluttering our lives from nuisances. Our friends and family deserve our whole attention which is only possible if we stay connected to the ones physically present around us rather than scrolling the world far away. It is so rude and hurtful to see a loved one busy on their phone while having lunch. So, social media which was created to help people connect from greater distances has contributed in overpowering our lives with unnecessary influence. Digital stress can effect our personal and professional matters therefore when we restrict our time with our digital gadgets we create better opportunities for ourselves, personally and professionally.

I myself note big changes in my routine whenever I stay away from excessive use of social media. Most of the times, scrolling through feed is tiring but we all continue to do so. Rather than playing, reading, sleeping or doing a productive or relaxing activity we lie and tire our nerves. It is the mere addiction and the marathon between our thumb and eyes; who can do more!

1. Turn off the notifications at night:

On a similar note, while reading the article I was appalled by the suggestion of turning off our email notifications at night and thought of sharing it with you. Even student life is quite busy and turning off any sort of work related notifications beyond time could bring peace to us as well. Moreover, it is clearly the best way of disconnecting ourselves from the whim of the busy world but what struck me by this article was the notion of allowing an employee to have time for himself, even after work hours. When the authors mentioned “…let everything else wait until morning” I guessed the hint of recommendation for employers that implicated for them to detox their life from digital stress and make room for peaceful space for their employees as well.

2. Delete few apps:

Instead of turning off the notifications I deleted a few apps that did provide entertainment but were quite distracting as well. Since then I can work better. I know I may download the fun again once work loaded passes away but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be disciplined for a while knowing that we might hop onto old routine.

Conclusively, I mean to convey issues of digital age practically because nobody should address that prevention could only be found by quitting digital lavishes. Men and women of this age cannot survive as if they were living on a remote island with zero access to our global village. The sense of acknowledgement and easy ways of implementation towards our necessary digital patterns can make it less “messy”.

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Maryam Iftikhar
Maryam Iftikhar
In the journey of tears and traumas, hope and joy I have become a woman who worked on herself, broke the shackles and is trying to own her life.


  1. Such a useful article! I find that implementing these 2 steps is especially useful when i want to focus for exams, but i’ll now consider doing it for the sake of my family as well.

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