Pakistan tourism spots

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It’s difficult to imagine a more radiant scene than the beautiful landscapes ,majestic mountains and wind-cleared fields of Pakistan. Here are some of the most wonderful places in Pakistan

Swat vally

This stunning and beautiful valley is in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It seems like a fairy tale. Bright green fields and forests, attractive villages, and blue rivers so clear and bright that you will fall in love with the view at once

Boyun Village

Boyun which is also known as Green Top, is a short drive or manageable up-hill walk from Kalam town situated in Swat valley. It is one of the most beautiful villages. Boyun is an easy day trip from Kalam.

Kundol and Spindhor Lakes

These lakes are also situated in Swat valley. They are 2 hours drive from Kalam. Kandol Lake is accessible via jeep track. you can reach Spindhor lake after 2 hours hike. Both these lakes are among the most beautiful places in Pakistan.

Ushu Forest

This forest is full of deodar trees and is a fabulous place. It is located in Swat valley. The road that leads into the forest continues on to several villages set along the Kalam River.

Passu catherdral

The Passu Cathedral is a characteristic gem and one of the most unmistakable scenes in Pakistan. The cones are noticeable from far away, beginning from the town of Gulmit. The most notable perspective on the Cathedral is from the Karakoram Highway, about an hour’s drive from Gilgit City.

Attabad lake

Attabad was conceived out of disaster when an enormous avalanche happened in 2010. Its splendid blue turquoise waters make it one of the most wonderful places in Pakistan.

Eagle nest

Need to see one of the most epic nightfalls in the Hunza Valley? Head to Eagle’s Nest. It has absolutely breathtaking view.

Naran vally

The amazing Naran Kaghan valley is on all holiday calendars for travelers both domestically and internationally because of its beautiful surroundings. With beautiful lakes, green hillside stations, Naran promises family-friendly holidays, family trips, vacations, and even a wedding day.


This place is heaven for camping lovers. Camping lovers can camp on the bank of floating Kunhar River.


Shogran is the top tourist destination of the Kagahon Valley. It offers a great serene holiday experience for family vacations! At Shogran, you can enjoy Kiwi Falls and the beautiful and green hill station Siri Pa. It is located in the Kagan Valley in northern Pakistan. Shogran is covered in snow, so if you are a snow lover, you must visit Shogran in the winter.

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