Covid19 Ramadan during corona virus

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Ramadan during corona virus

Ramadan Kareem greeting background Islamic with gold patterned and crystals on paper color background.

COVID-19 has battered our way of life and has turned pretty much every part of our lives upside down. In the midst of the promotion on whether the pandemic was a scheme, regardless of whether the world would discover an immunization in time and whether we would completely annihilate the infection, the most significant month of the Islamic schedule came  — Ramadan. 

As a Muslim, I expect this month since it’s considered as the holiest month of the year, where favors for good deeds are multifold, where your atonement will be acknowledged to such an extent that every one of your wrongdoings will be forgiven. In this event a Muslim genuinely apologize for their transgressions. This month where billion Muslims help the poor as a result of the otherworldly awards during this month among different perspectives.

It’s not about food, it’s progressively about fasting as an approach to draw nearer to Allah (God) by following him. . In that otherworldly procedure, hunger isn’t a very remarkable worry ).

During this pandemic, the world saw empty shelves on supermarkets, with people hoarding for food and other basic necessities. The Prophet (SAW), however, warned against such overstocking saying that “Whoever hoards food away from the Muslims, Allah will afflict him with leprosy and poverty.” and that “whoever hoards food is a sinner.”

Ramadan is about about self-control, not self-indulgence.Also, at a time where people are visiting stores overloading fundamental necessities without thinking and underestimating the poor people, one should be grateful for the favors that Allah (God) has allowed the blessed people

Allah asks mankind ‘Then do they not reflect upon the Qur’an, or are there locks upon their hearts?’ — The Holy Quran, 47:24

I think this explains the entire motivation behind the month which is to consider, to reflect over one’s activities, regardless of whether they are standard people, or the ground-breaking . 

The corona-virus has closed the doors of the world and opened the doors of reflection and we desperately, need to look at our past, not as an individual but as a whole community

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