5 types of people that harm everyone around them

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We interact with different types of people who have different personalities .And sometimes we tend to get close to those people without knowing what they actually are from the inside. Only time reveals their true intentions with us .

It is good to socialize and interact with people but we should be very careful of who we get close to.

The manipulators:

These people literally have problem for every solution. They won’t let u sit peacefully .Because of their own fears and insecurities they play the victim in every situation just to gain sympathy. They blame others for every bad thing that happens. Their actions don’t match their words. They will often offer to help you but that will be because they can get all the credit in the end .

The user :

They tend to interact with u only when they need something .They are just takers not willing to give anything to you in return.  While you have grown attached to them they will always hold you back in the end so let them go

The negative one :

I’m sure if they are your friend you would definitely want to cheer them up but you know what, they will still have something to complain about. They are never happy and they will always leave you feeling drained .These people literally feed on your positive energy and try to replace it with negative one

Disrespectful one:

Different people have different personalities. But the one who disrespects you and use your insecurities against you is not your friend and you definitely should  get away from them .They won’t do u any good.

Hazrat Ali (R.A) said:

  • “An ignorant friend could harm u out of his ignorance”

Jealous one:

Now, I understand that u might think the they are your friend but sometimes these people are not thrilled about your success as you think they might be. They don’t often show their jealousy or say sometime bad directly to your face probably because they want to keep an eye on your life. You should be careful of such people because no matter what Allah has given us sixth sense i.e. the instinct .Trust it. Our bodies pick up negative vibes .Don’t ignore it .

I came across these type people in my college life and mostly my university life. And no matter what negative impact they had on me and my mental health for the time being ,the one positive thing I learned from them is not to trust people too easily too quickly and not to depend on them. If the other person really likes you and want to be friends with you , they should gain your trust first. Self-respect comes first .You should be confident enough to realize your worth and what u deserve. When u know what u deserve, never ever settle for anything less.


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