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What to expect in the upcoming IPhone 12

Iphone 12 cameras will be able to record 4K videos at insane 240 Frames per second.

We know that you’ve been waiting anxiously since the last year, and now it’s finally September. We also know that it’s hard to hold back your excitement with a few days left, so here’s what to expect in your new IPhone 12 this year.

From the dummies that we’ve seen and based on all the research, you may expect to have your IPhone with looks much similar to that of the new IPad Pro 2020.

This means that Apple is going to launch the IPhone 12 with flat stainless steel edges much the same as their 8 year old IPhone 4.

You may also notice thicker Antenna Bands as this will be the first ever IPhone to have 5G connectivity.

The new IPhone 12 would be thinner than the last years IPhone. On paper you may expect them to be half a millimetre thinner than current phones but they’ll feel even thinner in your hand due the flat sides.

The new Camera:

Developers have noticed that there are a few lines in the recently released IOS 14 that represent Camera related upgrades we are most likely to see in the IPhone 12.These lines suggest that the new IPhones cameras will be able to record 4K videos at 240 FPS which is super insane.

 Apart from that the camera might just be a minor upgrade from the last year with not much of a difference.

The Extra Button:

The design leaks suggest that there’s going to be an extra button on the bottom left corner below the volume rockers, however we aren’t really sure what is it. It could be an additional security button, an additional charging dock, a smart connector , a port for some wireless charging accessory or anything else but we aren’t sure yet. Do let us know in the comment section about what you think it might be.

IPhone 12 with 5G:

We haven’t seen any IPhone before with 5G connectivity and with all brands launching 5G with in their modern flagships, the IPhone 12 is most likely to have 5G too. Although the rumors tell us that we might have different frequency ranges with the different IPhone 12 variants and it is quite possible that all variants might not even support 5G.

IPhone 12 Prices:

With Apple having launched the IPhone SE 2, an economical IPhone model with a plenty of latest features, you could expect the new IPhone 12 with new fascinating features to have prices higher than the last year.

The new metallic chrome design, 5G connectivity, improved cameras and stuff are quite likely to increase the prices from last year.

OLED Displays:

When it comes to the battle between IPhones and Samsung galaxies, it’s a fact that IPhones do lag behind in their displays, however, the new IPhone is supposed to come with an OLED display that will give the new IPhone 12 improved colors and clarity.

IPhone 12 Sizes:

Matching with the last year’s lineup, we’ll have three sized models recognized as IPhone 12, IPhone 12 Pro and IPhone 12 Pro Max.

These three sizes include the 5.4 inches sized variant called the IPhone 12, IPhone 12 Pro in 6.1 inches and the IPhone Pro Max in 6.7 inches which is going to be the biggest IPhone ever launched.

Just to keep in mind that all the information is based on rumors, leaks and guesses however, we are confident enough that there’s a high probability for these claims to be true.

Can the IPhone 12 stand on its own?

So if you are curious, just to let you know that the new design will allow the IPhone 12 to stand on its own which wasn’t possible in an IPhone after the 5s because of the rounded edges on the IPhone 6 and onward models.

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